......<3 <3 <3<3.......
.i hate wen it come to tis part..
.i miss the old us..
.i miss the laugh and chaos.
.where we do crazy things undoubtedly
.the memories remains,it will
.i hope we cud make it thru the years coming
.i love u all
.pliss,b strong,together,apart of everything,
.remember the sweet and the best thing we had gone thru.
.throw all the hate,anger,
.fill it up with love and patience
.notin gona change if we still stick together and sort this out.
.we shall learn to tolerate.fill this upcoming years with joy and happiness
.i dun wana cry nor do i want to see u cry
.for wat eva happened between,u,u,u,u and u,its just a learning process for us to noe each other

<3 <3


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