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Best Birthday Gift

11/12/2018 4.14pm Tues
My lil princess was born
Healthy 2.94kg girl.
She arrived 2 weeks earlier from the due date which was on my birthday.
We named her Zara Soffia.

My whole pregnancy journey, wasn’t smooth but wasn’t bad as I thought,
She came after almost 1 and half years of marriage, and it also suprised us,
I did not know I was pregnant, I felt extra energetic that day, I had full class and when I came home later at night, I tried on some clothes I just bought and look in the mirror, and posed like I was pregnant, then it struck me that, my belly seem bigger, is it food in there or I gain some weight. Just to kill my curiosity, I run the pregnancy test. There was a blurred double line, so i dont keep my hope high, and went to sleep.
Next morning, I woke up early and just to check if it was true. So another test, and yes, much more clear double line. Showed it to my husband, but he was too sleepy to even realised what I showed him thou. As that day I was supposed t…

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