Jubah dan model

Lately, aku perhati satu trend. 
It was nice that jubah was invented to ease us girl to just sarung satu pakaian that covers all. And from only black colour and boring patterns, they now comes in all sizes, cutting, colours and designs. 
But what i see now, it isnt going no where near to cover everything. 
Rajin la scroll ig and you will see the trend.
1. Jubah dah cantik labuh, cutting besar, model cuma selimpang shawl yang nampak dada. And some cases, they do posed in my opinion, make it look sexier. 
2. Jubah split, model pulak pakai seluar skinny jeans in white color, cover only sampai atas ankle. 
3. Jubah cantik, model cun, posing or making sexy faces. Bukan la sampai sexy terbengkok2 badan ala2 supermodelme so in, simple, posing like angin bertiup, or tema gothic, or chic masa shooting, that faces they do, mcm muncung mulut, or amek gambar sambil landing dekat pokok,
4. Lycra, soft satin, soft chiffon, straight cutting, small cutting, ankle cut, split cut, kimono style. List goes on. 

All i can say. Hijabhipster may look cool and in trend, but we should know too the barrier. Jubah is something that represent modesty in muslimah. I dont mind in following fashion, but wouldnt it nicer if we set example that will give us free pahala? Im once a seller too. If you can pay for 4 models in one photoshoot, im sure u also can pay for extra time for the model to properly dressed. I know the rush in changing clothes and sometime no dressing room make them just selimpang tudung and just go on. But like i said, if u have that much money to pay 4 models with an hourly rates, with mua with photogs, surely u can pay for some extra more hour to ensure them to dressed up properly. It would be nice thing to see. 


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