Its just some moment
When ur mother just arrived at 2 a.m
Then she talked non stop teeling her stories
U were so sleepy like..owh really ma
Then she look at the watch and said..oh..3 am edi??..i forgot to tell u angah..esok ma ade check up kt selayang...
Owh..what time?
8 am..whatttt...that early???
what time shud we go from seremban..?
6.3o?? Zzzzz
While on bed (yea tido ngn ma)..
She already half asleep
Suddenly tau gossip x..
Ct nurhaliza da pakai tdg skg..lawaa..
Ma like..what??na here we are..looking at ct's pic on insta and stalking few other artist and now..sleeptite gona having a veryyy long day tomorrow =.=

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asliner said…
mak awak excited nak cite..
tue yang jdi macam tue..
kelakarlah mak awak..=)
syahira yusof said…
Haha..thats her victim now since adik sy da balik kolej blajar kan.
Layan jela.hehe

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