the 5 things

1.Before and after,i choose sleep
   before i went to sleep,,i dream ,berangan,the what if,and why not and picturing what to do for next day
   after i woke up,1st thing i did,selawat and drink glass of plain water.
2.Food and Technology..It does not rhyme at all,but i choose food
   Food always good,no damage done except getting fatter,tech just always changing,i couldn't keep up.
3.Study and working
   Obviously,i am not good at both field.cant decide which one..
4.Friends or family
   i am a family girl.(????) come 1st.
5.Past or future
   Present..the will be no future if there is no past.u got to live the life.

actually..i got this as a questionnaire from an Iranian students, so i thought i want to blog have option actually,the A B C D.i just want to justified my answer..hik hik


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