pernah tak korang suka someone..not crush.but suka?suka tengok maksud aku..
well u know..i have instagram account and i followed people..
it was great u see..because u dont have to follow people to read their whining or gossip with others like in twitter or just random pictures with nice caption..people lagi suka tgok gambar..betol x..
the bad thing is..the comments..
sometime when a celebrity posted some inappropriate picture or contorversial picture..then u will see many harsh comments..sometime, personally from my public figure..its their responsibility to not post such picture despites of term " its my personal life",once u become a public figure.the terms is not applicable anymore..if its personal..make it personal.keep it safe from public..if it is mean to be shown,so behold with the consequence, cannot marah2 lah if kene tegur..
the commenter also.really harsh.cannot deny it anymore..eventhough the celebs put wrong picture..we cannot give such comment to them..relating their behaviour with their parent..bad words..or sometime.words that is intentionally said too that could bring down the their past or fitnah or teguran yg menjatuhkan..we as followers..could opt unfollow or give nice advice or just close our eyes..
..sometime..i think thats owh this is too much..which can lead to fitnah or more gossip..looking at their picture is nice..but i had to put some limits..sometime comment on picture of some random couple went to their pre-honeymoon together and looking to the comments..saying sweet couple etc..made me realize something that slaps me on the face really hard....all i can do is to just unfollow them despite i really love they personality and talents..


asliner said…
simple je sebenarnya bende nie.
if the pict is private n its about your personal life,don't post it.
if nak jugak post,it means you willing to take the consequences.
manusia nie pun lagi satu. takpayah lah nak duduk mengutuk or menabur fitnah. doakan yang terbaik is better enough :)
syahira yusof said…
yup..tau tula pasal..huhu

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