i end my internship days with never ending friendship..
who would ever thought that we could clique and be so close in short time.
we spent this 8 weeks with joys and tears.
from 3 person..now become 13 person
who would ever thought yea
thankx for the everlasting memory guys..without u guys..i seriously doubt that i could finish my interns..too much problem from the starting..di pinjam kan to another sv, the one whom always busy (seriously..i only met him 3 time )..and also the task given were ways too far from the task that UPM had stated..I dont think i could get good grade for this..i didnt do any wet lab..or even do analysis..or even put on my lab coat (shame) ..none..i went to wood workshop, chipping wood, grinding wood..cutting wood fiber..screening wood particle..even make my own WPC..and my paper work is about cow dung!!


asliner said…
syie..yang pakai spek tue kawan yuna,farha ke? yang dulu satu praktikum time matrik..??
syahira yusof said…
yuppp...kebetulan praktikal kt tmpt sama..die partner sy tuk project yg frim bagi..

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