Mom told me that last few days ..someone tried to break in to our house..but luckily..she didnt realize that person was trying to break in through the toilet window, she was sleepy at the time and she went to the toilet and switch on the light and switch on the spotlight we install at the back of our house, due to the last time incident. She heard something heavy fall on something and heard some movement outside .she got scared and she waited till the morning, she saw our penyidai bent down as if a person fell onto this time around.theres we lodge police report and the police came and advised my switch on every light in our house and cut down the tree fences that we plant to make our house more visible to people.means less privacy for us mum gettin more terrified now that she keep asking and checking if any position available at the kementerian in putrajaya so she can transfer there and live there, in the quarters i assume. She feel safer living in the quarters rather than living alone here.


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