After 1 day with them.Boleh dah na bezakan the twin..I always wonder how mom with twin can tell ini siapa itu siapa.. Mother instinct maybe? So i spent 1 day to be with my twin..dah macam anak pulak kan..both havent shown their gender or look like who..still macam cicak but now.i can tell where is Luna and Jojie. so I named them..

Little Luna is the first one that I kidnap from Jessie.She's so gentle, really love to sleep hugging my finger and never bark calling her mom when she's with me.
Jojie is the naughty one..She keep barking whenever I came nearer or whenever I try to take her. She can climb and walk faster than Luna. Never want to sleep on my palm..hehe..

Too cute to handle..keep kissing and picit2 them before their out grown me like Mojo now..haha
Mojo love her twin sister. She babysit them when Jessie want to eat. She'll groom the twin..Momo also did the same to the twin.He will take the twin from Jessie if he see Jessie have some trouble to eat or to move ..
I need to find larger cage and larger hammock for them..3 already crowded.Imagine 5?..

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