As i've passed my 4 years of study.
I realized that time do flies..
Felt like yesterday where I was writing my entry, rant bout my new life in yeah.I guess this blog are reaching 4 years old too.
Now I am at home..finally relaxed after struggling finishing and re editing my thesis till it become as perfect as my sv want..keep going back and forth from upm to seremban for almost 2 weeks..and Alhamdulillah..its finished..
Honestly, it was really hard for me, to completed this project as I didnt choose this project. I had never met my SV, I never knew him or taking electrochemistry as my subject. First time I heard metal chalcogenide I went home searching for it, I wrote metal charcoalgenite,kalgogenite, of course it went teribly wrong..I didnt even have strong basic knowledge on electrochem. I cried when I knew I was in this field because I really badly wanted to do something related to catalyst and analytical chemistry..I wrote catalyst on all four options on my project form, but what I got is wayyy to far from my cup of tea. So it was really hard for learn and trying to put my heart and soul onto it plus with some problems occur along the way. But Alhamdulillah, I am sleeping with my green book:) with my name on it..haha.(over excoted)
Now I really dont know what to do..I mean..I am labs, no more stressing out to rearrange class schedule, results, collegues, sticker, no more reports. I thought it was was..but just for a I am completely bored..whatsapp group has been so quite as no one want to ask when the result will come out, have u guys registered this class, who should go to Bhep to ask bout this class, what should we do for report, whos gona be the organizer, esok na gerak pukul bpe ke kelas..gossiping, bla bla bla..and Im kinda missing that..the urge to go to the class, doing something, even though your heart and soul are in the bed..planning to do things, wishlists, haiya..somehow shu and naz still keep wassaping me..syie..shu bosan..k.syie bosan ye duduk rumah. I told them..this is the last chance for us to relax2 santai2 topup tidur topup makan topup meeting up with friends, wayang ke ape ke before we went to work or continue study..even many company said so..relax2 first after raya u come to work.haha..baru na pakai baju raya guna gaji sendiri kan.hehe.
So I wish my friends, whether u guys going to find a job, busy with series of IV or busy with GRF's forms, or whatever..whenever you guys are. I wish the best for you..

4 years
Bac Sc (Hons)-Petroleum Chemistry
Alhamdulillah..tiada kata mampu menzahirkan perasaan ini.

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tHaSyA said…
Woww~~ roadtoconvo. Hahaha. Bila convo wahai kak syie.. hehe

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