Line celcom ni makin teruk pula
Sabar jela
My instagram notifications been flooded with spamming.
Usually my IG have the worst notification feeds
I have to refresh everything time to time, to see whos been liking my post or been tagging me or what ever..the notification just dont pop out like usual..
Usually it took a while for me to realize. Oh my friend had left a comment yesterday..
But now..due to the tagging thingy
Spamming my IG with loads of tagging for OSRA and Bella Ammara give away..Calaqisya also..dia punye noti tu pergh..
Everyone is doing it..lucky I am to have only few amount of followers and to see my feed to be spammed like that. So revenge it is..I will spam their IG's too.haha..Hey I want to win that too..Its hard to go to shah alam to buy their selalu sold out clothes..daa..siapla u guys..

Owh yeah, let start with edast gaza squircle bawal. Get them at both S.Alam and Serdang boutiqe k. ( Can also ask me to buy them at Serdang boutique..their squircle bawal are so nice, if want do email me )
I am 34kg but still having pau on my face, surely to lose this pau I dont know.Suggestion?

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