How time flies
Already in my second semester in my master
I havent done much on my 1st semester
I spent most of my time in my room sleeping and online
So 2014 bye2 .welcome 2015
I have graduated, have my convocation days, took a lot of pre convo pics,
I also went and do many stuff,
Went to CQ fashion show, receiving award on my dad behalf, seminars, i became demos, Dr Izham selalu buli aku.. .selalu buli demo. Skg aku kene buli..kene follow ngn mamat psycho sampai kene call my friend to help..
My 2015 start was supposed to be a kick ass one, but due to some reason..lame one
We went to Temerloh to do voluntering work and distribute items for flood victims which we collected ourselve, me and Yuna and Syafik..and i finished my 1st sem with 4.00..fuhh..proposal was sucks..kene tembak habis2 but Alhamdulillah, the result was good..i still havent gotten any scholarship now. Fully on my own so i hope 2nd semester will be better
2014 involve of many part of crying..
From begining to ending
And i hope 2015 will be much better year for me
Many resolutions and stuff need to be done and to be focus on
Many ambitions and goal to be realized.

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