Last week is well spent
I went to IMKK wih Dr Azizan Osman
I tell ya, the aura, the feeling, sitting among almost 4 thousands people
all came with different missions, but one aim, to learn and changing
is awesome!
We learnt a lot, totally worth every penny spent, (like kkkkkk spent ), start early in the morning till 1 am. I cant even sleep at night because of the energy and all the positive vibe I absorbed, I still can feel it until now, I didnt even had time to take photos or selfie, completely forgotten bout my phone. People might say, ala event cakap2, macam program MLM ye talk or motivation talk je, bazir je, actually, it is not! berbeza sama sekali, trust me I went to MLM's talk and motivation talk, its not bout solely focusing on making money or kene kaya semua, it consist of everything, from your spiritual, religion, belief, mind set everything. meremang bulu roma. I learn a lots, I cant share 3 full programmed here, but if you guys had time and willing to spend some money, go for it. It worth it.

btw, my primary teacher found my blog, and she's been reading my blog and she left a comment, didn't I tell you that I is always should be in capital/big letter case,u want me to cubit u lagi ke? hehe, I am just a lazy writer and typer.


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