kesah chenta ta pernah pudar

sometime i feel hurt inside but i wont admit..if i knew..what i knew done..shes won..i lost the fight..the love has gone..shes earned it...i noe..i shudnt b notin .just someone to be there for..i am..always there for u..but aint hurt..seeing u like this..i wish,u never said that it was a curse..its a blessed to have one,i love lost it..she means a lot for you now..i never seen u like be a person,that be by urside no matters how..i kill my own feelings,i have to do so..theres no more..oni my care as a fren for u rite now..but shows..and im ashamed of it..ashamed of owning something that i shud have let go long tyme a go and shouldnt have rite now..i shudnt keep it inside..but..i did..i ashamed of it..ashamed of u...but from the moment u admit ur love to her..i knew,its time for me to stop whateva im having for u,whatever things pounding in my heart each tyme i think of u ..its tyme for bit my farewell to it..i more after a fren from now on..syahira yusof


asliner said…
own ur life without hurting urself..
we love u..
Allah as well..^_^

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