there is too burdening and painful ..
i dunnoe if u realized it or not
u dunnoe ..all u noe is 
WE never noe how it felt
u make me laugh hard 
whenever i thought of it
is it fair?haha
u choose ur own way
trust me,,i did..
WE did..but not u
WE tried so hard to understand u
to feel what had u feel is not comparable
WE had gone thru almost the same as u
and now
WE cant just understand
Y u did that..
and for that..u just lost our respect
and honor from us to call
u the name..u noe it ur self..

i noe it is sinful..but trust me,,if i got to choose,,
i will personally said,,u r no my ______( fill in the blank)



asliner said…
macam paham..
sabar ye syie..(-__-)

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