Ahhh..im crying..poor little cantik..stuck in there.i dunnoe how shes gotten in therr but i woke up as i heard loud kitten crying and mika's voice..still mamai and deng i saw cantiks tail..she was crying n trying ti get herself out. I tried..menonggeng mengcangkung grab her tail her feet.but tiny cantik tought i wana play with her.she bit my finger lick it.huhu.cantik do u noe that u. Were stuck and i am out of ways to get u up.i dunnoe..now that shes tired..she fell asleep in there.mika still crying calling her..cantik is one prob.now that i heard another soft cry from in front..aish..mimi.aigooooo..where were u baby.i cant see u..huhu.now i wana cry..so worried..

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