The very 1st week of 5th sem was awesome..
Not so act
Time flies so fast
3 month at home and suddenly
Owh new sem
My brain dah berkarat gile..bile kelas start it was like so krik krik krik
1st thing first
I got a new job..part timer kat kumon..
Well i have to sacrifice some other things as well dlm sem ni..less-ing in everything i wud do and love to do..tido makan shopping fb-ing..
It is suicidal. .yeah for someone like me yg mcm cacing kepanasan when my lappy no work and no internet. And bile.kene kurang kan shopping (i loveee online shopping),and bile bkk fb, new clothes keep popping out kt news feed..and u just can oni look at them,print screen and put it in some kind of "gotta have it " folder.and the list keep bertambah2 and keep saying..u look desperate dowh..and one thing killing me..when new sem start..and problem start to lappy, start to gettin i am no money to buy new one..and got no.
money to repair it since i need it asap.hadoi.
Then my lab shoes was stolen/missing,got to have it ASAP..and phone batery is having trouble..then a phrase from a friend come across..the more u have the more trouble come after u.haha..u were right wey..well here we sem started officially already.hoping for the best this sem..

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asliner said…
tengah banyak duit lah barang semua nak rosak..haha

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