1.akak. Angah..mummy..ma..bahasa ganti diri kepada.the babies,mika,abbu and.momo

2.both me and momo..have lots of things in common...sleeping.roti.grumpy.mood swing..fragile.manje and silent treatment.

3.i can..eat smbil termenung.tido sambil tersenyum.drive sambil mengamuk.mandi sambil menangis.berjalan sambil berfikir

4.im sleeping beauty..anywhere anytime.no prince can wake me up cuz mmg tido mati..but

5..eventhough i am sleeping..ur words..seeps thru my dreams and when i woke up..i noe everything..heard everything

6.can talk for days and can easily isolated my self without speaking for weeks.

7.dont order me..im have very high efficiency on ignoring orders.

8.stubbornheaded coldhearted..unfriendly..

9.pakai jam tgn masa tido.its a must


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