Not that i wana brag bout wat i just did today.but as a lessons to people out there..
Remember bout the girl i mention on last post
Well I just couldnt help to watched her alone.stepping the stairs to her hostel which situated on higher ground.The Van just dropped her there..there is a group of girls sitting at the gazebo at the end of the stairs and also few people walking to their hostels as well as me..i saw the girl step down from the van.but i was still far from her and walking downward toward my hostels she already walking to the steps..she tooks 3 steps and stopped and pull out her phone and called my mind.she must be waiting for i passed hostel were below the hills and i stopped to buy drink from mesin gedegang and i saw that she is still there.few girls just walked without even looking at her.then she tried taking another step there i saw how hard it i walked back to her and asked her if she needed help..she said.usually van will stopped by the sanggar.which no stair there and she can go into the hostel easily ..then i helped her, walk her to her room..and the girls at the gazebo were just looking at us and so do few others that were that moment i feel so sad..her determination was outrages..i cant never be like her..i am a cry baby.i would cry on that stair and gave up my studies.but not her..she smiles and said thank you..very positive minded person..i just hope there are better facilities in UPM for people like her and for others kelainan upaya students and also the van driver.please consider her condition..i dunnoe.why must put her in serumpun?its so not suitable..hilly and many stairs..

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