sanzaru by adam sinclair

The diffusion of responsibilities
girls..there are many crime happened lately
we cant even trust our society to help us
people now a day,too "busy:"..we are only .the strangers for them
we need to be aware,that this sickness become worst day by day
so be safe..dont walk alone even around urs house area,we never noes that we might've been watched
walk in a group..
note for my self as well since i always walked alone from car park to my hostel,wich the place is bit isolated,dark and far from our AZN asked me to at least call him,bfore i parked,especially at night,so he'll talked to me,till im safely reached to my room..
bring something,like umbrella to help u to smack the person,at least cud give ur some time to run,or help u to defense ur self..or at least the tumbler u used..the bigger the better..share this..


asliner said…
why i can't read post about sykirah's weeding..
because i saw the updates in my dashboard..
nak tengok..huhu

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