last..I found a female suggies for momo named jessie.
ma and eli kept complaining and preaching me bout.its not good for momo to be alone..he need a partner..its so bad for him..bla bla
so I search more..
lucky me..I found an ads that just being ppsted few minutes was from seremban and cheaper..and older female..yeaaa..2oo ringgit for 2 years old. .so I contacted the owner right away
and a meeting was arranged the next day..
so there u go..Jessie.hehe..she was bit smaller than I ever thought..I dun think she's older than momo..maybe younger..but hey..she is fierce..momo had never bite me till bleed..this girl. .she bite me in one go man..and 3 fingers bleed.haha..but shes cute and manje sgt..
so I took a week and half to make them knew and could accept each other..
I exchanged their cages and pouches every night and keep introducing momo to Jessie
at first..momo was rejected at once..then she began to accept him..but momo..being older male..of course gatal patience..trus nak kt Jessie.haha..
so while I was at langkawi..eli kept calling me..ey I dunnoe what's wrong with these fellas..keep giving strange noises and tergantung pandang each when I am home..I tried again..let them be together in one worked..haha..happy mummy..but only for 3o mins..long enough until Jessie bit and fight with had to seperated them tonite..I heard the first time Jessie barking and clicking to cute.hehe..she kept pulling momo tails to her cage..kept pulling momo pouches to I put them together..and hey..their immediately their started to sleep in same pouch and shared food..but greedy momo..he ate more than Jessie..I am happy. yeayyyy..


tHaSyA said…
ank baru izit?? jeles ye!!
tHaSyA said…
ank baru izit? allaaaa jeles nye!!

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