tak tahu la kenape lately ni.
sejak bukak sem asyik sakit je
sakit gigi..demam..selsema..then now batuk dengan sakit dada..plus ulser kt tekak
my friend said that my body is just adjusting with new environment and related to my fyp project..
dealing with chemical all those stuff
not that before i havent used or do my lab work..dari 1st year kan..
cume yea now for fyp, we use it a lot and stronger and high concentration.and also longer time..sometime we spent whole day there..plus..my lab is a bit smaller compared to lab kat fakulti for student..we have to share this personel lab with the postgrad student.phd etc..apparatus everywhere..chemical etc..my fault that i did not use the personnel protective equipment..dealing with higher concentration chem..i cant use the usual white glove..keep koyak. so need to use tebal sikit glove tu..same as the mask..mask nampak je mcm leceh..but trust me..kene macam aku terus lepas ni akan pakai..kite xnak sakit kan especially this critical year..hoping that my fyp goes well and also my study..

some of my personel apparatus

welcome to my lab:)

p/s:xberani na post gambar whole lab kite.hehe..luar biasa sepah..

comel gile stirer die


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