I just experiencing a funny, awkward and scary moment just now.Haha just let me laugh for a moment.hehe
It was like 5.30 a.m and I am still wide awake watching Ninja Turtle..Then I went to the toilet thinking, ohh it is almost Subuh time..No hantu since my room to toilet is very far..and I am scared since some of the room is vacant (cuti semester meh)..
After gladly doing my thing, happily I walked by a room, just 2 room away from mine there is a box with a cat and kittens..I used to fed the mom, so she woke up hearing me calling her and manja2 with me..
Suddenly someone opened the door..
She was shocked seeing me and froze..I am too .haha
God knows how shocked I was and she was.haha.Luruh jantung punye terkejut tu..
I was putting a white mask (peel one), and yeah messy hair do lah, and baju kelawar warna cream..
I guess she thought I am kuntilanak mencangkung in front of the door trying to eat the cat.
Why am I shocked?
Because I thought she was also a ghost..she wore a white night dress, hair falling down and bedak sejuk peeping half her body from her door looking down on me..how scary that is..by that way, its like there is no feet man.
What with the white baju kelawar and night dress peeps and bedak sejuk, mask bagai.haha
Then I tried to speak, but u know..with the mask its hard to say something .its mumbling. I was saying..morning and show some peace sign..but sounded more likely .mornong and she laugh..ya Allah..her laughter..lagi seram sejuk aku..she said.terkejut saya..ingat kan sape la main dgn kucing ni pagi2 mcm ni, with her bedak sejuk began to crumble down haha...I want to smile back at her.haha how can I?..so I nod few time and head back to my room..I glanced back at her..she was waving back at me..awkward awkward awkward..subuh already here guys.hehe..

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