I still awake
Memang tak tidoq malam
So, this semester i will have to self fund myself GRF system..Boooo
Alasan banyak sangat..
Well lets do this
Self fund pun self fund lah
Kerat jari sikit lah..
So..since new year..padahal dah nak masuk bulan 3..aku na azam..less shopping.hahaha..kene put on hold dulu barang2 and list tu...its okay..ade rezeki boleh beli..
So finger cross
Macam2 bende na setel and buat
Hopefully can achieve big target by end of this year..two actually..
Worried, nervous, berdebaq, takut...just hope everything just going fine and Allah SWT mudahkan urusan dan murahkan rezeki. Amin..
I read an article, about putting your trust and learn to yakin in His plan.
Well it is not as easy as it said..
U can simply said. I put my trust in Allah, lets put it in Allah's will.
But, do you really yakin in it?
From what the article said, she was supposed to be married with someone whom she never known and still not ready as she still a student and really young.
Her entire life, she always said to her self..I trust in what Allah has planned on me. But when she was tested by this..She has doubt.
The what if, what will, why her, come across..
She did isthikarah, she prayed, but no answers..she got frustrated.
One day, she sat alone and the future in law came to meet her..
He looked in her eyes and said, do you believe that Allah is the best planner?
She said yes
He asked again, then learn to have a faith in His plan. YAKINLAH.
She thought of it all over again.
Then she perform solat taubat, for having a thought of doubting in His plan.
She tried and really put her trust and faith that it is the best, then she perform isthikarah and she got answered.
Alhamdulillah married. All her worries was paid with something greater..excell in study, loving and helpful husband, and so on.
From what I learnt
It really is hard to see the best and put our keyakinan in it. Cakap mulut boleh lah..tepuk dada tanya iman..hati sendiri kita xterduga..
When kita sendiri tak yakin, kemudian minta and berdoa dalam keadaan macam will it be answered?.kita minta jawapan terbaik..tapi dalam hati masih ragu dan tidak yakin...sedangkan Allah maha sebaik baik perancang.
So, we really need to learn to have faith and put our keyakinan in His plan..and belajar untuk menerima.
I know its hard..Im still learning as well.
Everything happen for a reasons.

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