last sunday, i was in heavy tears as i found out that friend of mine, close one during my pdt years passed away.
i was shocked, devastated...and among the earliest to know bout it.
i keep IM my friends whos still awake and sleep to check the news. but it was at 3.40 am, almost everyone is asleep, until his sister confirmed it with the rest of us, that he had left us due to cancer.
you know, knowing him, someone that had never mad, or had sour face. whom had always, always smiling widely and politely greet us, and really a positive thinker,he hide it well. we,who had not known bout him suffering with it.. His fb acc is full with his sharing, his pic, none shown him in pain, or saying him in pain.he deal it very well
i felt so bad, that not knowing. i still remember how bright he was. the first day i met him was during the mentee session, he laugh when i introduced myself as Syiero, and said..if you are syiero then i am sin chan (for real he does look like sin chan that time), We got close as friend, well all of us did that time, i remembered, trying to shake off my nervousness, trying to memorize my line for story telling contest since i was forced by sir farid to enter, he came smiling and said, let me hear u i practiced with him.. well i lost and he got 1st place. even until pst years, we still talked despite the tight schedule and different classes. Im, you re the nicest person, a gentlemen, and a very good guy syie pernah jumpa...syie doakan Im tenang kat sana..- al-fatihah..

today.. i made a decision, after reconsidering for it almost a month..i decided to deferred my mom gona be mad as lion when she find out bout this. but i know, that im no longer can continue this semester with heavy load as self-funded student again this semester. im barely survive, so i decided to work as part timer and continue with thesis writing for a while until i managed to save some saving for the next semester, and i also will come to the lab to finish my work during my free time.hopefully this is for the best..


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