New year
Lets start from January
Well AZN were home
Yups the time were well spent
Till he's flying back to Oz
Then the rest of the sem
Was bit tough for me
Had my volleyball matches and few big things happened
I made my move..
Losing one and felt betrayed its not best feeling ever..but I cant just stayed and accepted it.
Alhamdullilah,when I stepped out,it had opened my eyes to new me,people,and perspective..where I've learnt new things..
Then my semester break.
Shopping and shopping and meeting friends then eating good food and raya was the best where we were celebrating it at Kedah.
Then 3rd year student life started..
Gosh I wish I've met my new roommates earlier..
Except I've met Yuna for the past 4 years back.haha..
then I worked as part timer at Kumon..
met great bos,friends and also cute kids..
Study wasnt that great especially Polymer
I wish I could spent more time at Library for this subject..
Then I went to Syak's wedding,Abg Ucop's E-day,and seeing my sis changed to new person.Was the best thing happened to me recently
Now I am focussing for my final exam
Then Alhamdulillah..I have made some new semester resolution came true..
More time spent at library
Less shopping
Eating properly
And few more..

This year..many things had happened..Im not saying that its all bad.sometime when to recall it back..I had great memories with 'them' that I'll cherished and fondly remembers.but somehow..I dont think it will worked out between us..its involves heart feeling and trust and stronger bond..which we have been trying to sort it out for two semesters..I think. This is the best..moving on..what had happened thought us so well..its hurting me badly when it happened and I almost gave up..but now,Alhamdulillah..I will never regret my decision,I am happy with what I have now..

Yuna,KN,Shu,Chah,Naz,Azra,Sol and my roommates,K.Dila and Zue
Without you guys.. I might not be here, I might had gave up this semester and last semester,and you guys are my strength and my saviour..and may it be a lifetime friendships,InsyaAllah..I owe u guys a lots..

Tasya,Daya,Myra,Shema,Makle,Lina and again Yuna
U guys are my family..thankz and thankz for the love and strength..

To my love,Ma, Syafna,AZN,Eli.
I had the strongest support and love from all of you..u were there whenever I needed it the most and I always,thankfull for it..

Ya Allah,aku bersyukur dengan nikmat dan rahmat mu dengan kurnian kasih dan sayang yang dilimpahkan dan atas nikmat untuk berada serta masih bernafas diatas dunia ini untuk 22 tahun

Terlalu banyak hendak diperkatakan,namun tidak terluah oleh kata-kata..

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