Thats a wrap of semester 5 people
Pergh rase sem ni mcm petik jari tau2 da abeh sem..
So today..
Habis lab..
Went with Naz KN and Mang..somebody wanted to get Coolblog since last Monday
Then went to Yuna's faculties for the carnival
Again somebody wanted to get the tilapia fillet
The best part is..some of the faculty staff were having their hi-tea by the time we arrived
And they asked..have u eaten..go to that table and eat. We was like.hah!!
Ape lagi kan, tempah fillet and g kat meja auntie tu tnjuk and selamba je mkn..banyak lak tu. Dah la bukan dr faculty diorg.pastu wat muke selamba mkn ngn staff2 tu..siap dpt na plastik.bgkus segan lak kan..dak fakulti diorg pn kan fakulti len..nasib xpakai baju fakulti lau x awal2 kene tendang..okay the fillet was owsem.crisp and fresh..seyes.i like it so much.pelbagai perisa..tomyam curry black pepper and original..
Ni pun rase mcmna yuna ckp..g pancing sendiri ikan tu...
Now lets berjimba before giler ngn paper yg berturut
4,5-7,8,9,10 January..
could'nt it be much more better..nape x 2 paper je sehari=.=
Owh ohoi...internship xcari lagi..ohoiii syie crik cepat..
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