So today is my 22th birthday..3o min left..
The day was a bit dull but Alhamdulillah
Everything is great by the end of the day
Well as i have been privating some info including my birthday in my FB. one posted birthday wish..until Dayah posted saying..wahh..i guess u r rite bout this. Then only few of my friends posted their wishes.(well people start to forget the best part of remembering someones birthday without any birthday notification arent only the true ones remembers..and thats is the most valuable wishes, exceptional for yg xtahu..:p)
Actually sometime whenever i see any birthday wishes..paling seingkat mmg na singkat abeh is "HB".haha..why?where's the joy of celebrating friends birthday..if during school we can write a letter to wish our just as simple as that.HB pun boleh la.hehe

Mini pavlova from Shu and KN
I have been requesting this from them like forever, haha.thankx guys for granting my wishes..cewahhh..haha..thankx for the dinner treat..lapar yer pasal..da abeh licin da na balik baru perasan..gambar xamekkkk..

Bought this for them...

And again...thankx for all the wishes...semoga Allah swt merahmati kehidupan kalian dunia akhirat..

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Maicher said…
Alah lambqt 30 mins.

Happy belated befday weh! :D
azhani aziz said…
happy birthday,,btw good luck for final.especially on ibrahim's paper.hee.
asliner said…
i wish i can be there with u..
celebrate together with u..
n ofkos, i wan to prank u...hihi..
tapi kite jauh kan.. (-____-)
maaf syi,tak dapat nak sambut, doa je yang saya dapat kirimkan..=)
syahira yusof said…
Haha. Its okay..thankz sarah:)
syahira yusof said…
Haha.hai AZ..thanx for the wish..yea..riso gak dr ibrahim ye paper.but wayy riso polimer..good luck jgak final ni yea..
syahira yusof said…
Hehe..but u got pranked first.hehe..thankx lina..its okay la..maybe pn bkn slu celebrate with fren..slu ngn famili..but yesterday a bit different.hehe..thanx anyway..

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