My oh my
I lost track
I tot ada 2 weeks more
Before new sem start
Lol...only a week left lah
Gosh..banyak lagi benda need to be done
Well how do you spend this CNY holiday?
Me..just usual..kemas rumah and etc
Bored me as usual while a friend of mine
Texting me asking to join them last minute hiking expidition for 8 days..route to Gng Yong Yap-Korbu-Gayong -Yong was a mission exactly..tuk menakluki all G7 mount..
I dunnoe how they managed to keep fit..they just got back from hiking trip from Gng Irau just 2 days ago and now 4 Gunung in 8 days.
I really2 miss hiking wall climbing and other activities..have been spending my 2nd year and half of my 3rd year behind books.
Of course i said was too last minute .huhu

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