So tonight
I watched Star King..Korean's variety shows episode 125..
The shows is about talented people from all over the world come and perform their talents.I am not trying to promote this shows.Just that I am so attracted about this performer from China in this episode.His name is Liu Wei..Try google his name and u will see him in youtube to see his perfomances.
He plays piano,he swims,he drives,he eats.he do everything like normal people do.
He said.nothing that he cant do.he'll try and do everything he could without anyone's help.
Its between two choices..Die young or stay alive.
He asked Kang Ho Dong (the MC's) why we have two eyes..he couldnt answered it..neither do the other guests.
Liu Wei said..because we choose what we see from this eyes..first eyes see happiness and other see sadness and grief..and he choose to see happiness.
I cant help to control my emotion..its was so moving.full of inspiration and motivation..
Even a normal person cant do what he can do (some of us maybe),nor to have his positivity and determination.I know I dont..what say you..

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