Well..Election's fever is now almost gone..sort off
i hope what ever party that win,will carry the amanah given by rakyat,well
I didnt go for voting this year.
blame me yeay..i dun care..
just that i had so much work to do and need to study
this semester,i am free from any lab or to do lab report
it's consider free..but i had to pay big time..
because,my carry mark for the test and other will be heavy..
so if i got little for test 1 or 2..i will be in much trouble trying to pass the paper..

so much rumbling..i havent sleep for 3 days in row..crazy..i dont know what had i done till now..it's blurry
all i know i am still alive,and had been engaged with this old lappy of mine doing my assignment and revising..
talk bout revising..thankx a lot selangor for giving a day off on this monday ..well today lah..i still feel like it's sunday..so i got another day to revise my organic chem for next test,which is..tomorrow's night..pretty bad since i got field trip tomorrow not much can do,so hoping for today to revise more.U know..its kinda fun to have field trip..but when it's got to much..it's pretty annoying....zzzz

well while i was studying my lecture's note..i found out that,my lecturer,Prof Issaam,,he's Iranian.His words rant on my head...DILUTE ALL THE INFORMATION,REMEMBER WHAT ISSAAM SAID,DIGEST OXYGEN,DRINK TARIK TEA WHILE DILUTE UR NOTE..haha...his english are not bad..just his choice of words.haha...now i am diluted Prof..everytime i open ur lecture's note all those chanting words rhymes..dilute it syie..it is not that i am making fun of him,seriously,,i had to see this guy,prof Issaam 4 times a week,everyday!!! for organic chem,,and on special topic in organic..so i just too diluted with his words..he said something really funny last week..about eggs..you know...sunny side egg???in malay if not mistaken is telur mata..but he,directly translate it,i want eye egg..it took some time for us all to dilute what is the meaning of eye egg..then he starting to said,u know..eye..eye...showing us his eye,and an egg..fried...eye egg..u know..it's not polite to laugh at ur Professor..but what to do..he is so innocent,we cant help it to laugh after we understand what is eye egg..Then he also said,he cant cope with certain word and environment in Malaysia..one day he was at the cafe,he asked for Ais Kosong,normally as M'sian,ais kosong means, ais+air kosong.so he got our ais kosong,..actually he want the ICE only..so he said..ais kosong sir ais kosong..but the man didnt understand him..lastly he said,ZERO ICE..of course u can guess what he got after that...


asliner said…
lawak giler lecturer iran u..
i can imagine how the whole class laughed at him..hihi.
tapi kan syi. dalam pemahaman kite n famili. kite paham ais kosong tue hnye cawan yang di dalam nya ade ais je..without air masak...:)
syahira yusof said…
Serious ina..he's too funny..tp garang also..mcm sir farid kind of guy..haha..yeke..but sini ais kosang,ice+plain water..hehe

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