Turned 25 and becoming 26 in a week
There is no birthday celebration since i was busy with mmc booth at karnival mega. Mom is also not feeling well. So just simple lunch 2 days before my birthday with big boss, then rush for collecting stocks for the booth. Tau2 habis dah birthday hehe.
Its okay la. Been bit unproductive for the pas 2 days, still tired and since it is exam week here in UPM, the surrounding is so quite and no hustle, making me feel like, its okay la, esok jela masuk lab. Haha 
So next day is new year day, i think, almost all my resolution this year have been achieved. Tahun ni i think, nothing much happened, just bit dull at the earlier year, still wont stop crying, but at the end of the year, thing slowly had changed. Im feeling way better, coping with life way better than i just hope, that in 2016, i can finish my study, get a job maybe? And mmc to be established. As for my family, i really hope that my mum to be healthy back, to have more energy and stronger. And i hope her operation next year went well and till that day come, i hope Allah ease her pain. I have one more target, which i wish to be resolved it in a year to come, 26/12/2016 at age of 26. Just hope i can achieved it. Amin

Im proud of mmc
From small and simple arrangement of booth to this scale. 
I remember we only have 1 rack, which is keep collapsing, simple hanger and a basket of clothes. Now. All I can say is Alhamdulillah, and we still have long way to go. Looking foward for this february. May Allah ease.


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