So today I realized that my student id were no longer valid cuz of my defferment status. Talk bout months of waiting for the defferment approval. Pfft
Just got my 4 months delayed claim. And all burnt for my room rental which is also 4 months delayed😭
My new year start rough
Who had thought that suddenly my mom got really sick. I spent the last two months in hospitals! She got warded a week in Selayang and another after that in IJN and went for a small operation there. So right now I am her 24/7 PA, and driver and caretaker. She cant drive or do heavy work, like I dont think she can even stand for more than 5 minutes. So I have to stay at her place and send her to hospital visits and work (yeah she rent a house in Nilai since Seremban-Nilai-UPM is quite a journey). Her major operation were delayed due to the warded thingy until the specialist said it is okay to proceed. Basically I have been going to 4 different Hospitals for the past two months, Selayang-IJN-HTJ-HKL huhu. Luckily i am a deffered student right, leaving like that not doing my lab, lelong my slots and yeah not registering my semester courses and also a null from my lecturer haha. Damn ade ke status cgpa a null? i dont even know can/will i ever be graduating with it or what? My mom dont know bout this haha all I keep saying to her, dont put high hope of me graduating this year, it may take years for me to graduate πŸ™πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
I do a part time work now, as a tuiton teacher, the pays isnt much but it will work for sometime till my mum get better and i will find some real job. Its hard since my mum health isnt really good and she need to visit the hospital like once a week, sometime twice, so who gonna pay me with that condition right?
But some good things also happened in the past two months. I just hope that everything will be easier and smoother

My mom was sick of hospital environment so walla, spent a night here. Worth everything since we hardly watch her that happy and healthy. Makan seafood puas2, masak here and talk, swim again till morning. A tips for those who thought of staying here, bring a loads of food cuz kedai makan jauh. 


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