Letter to my dearest Mojo
Baby, mummy is so careless
I never thought that you would manage to escape from your cage
While I am eating and having fun celebrating new year 
You and the rest escaped and made a tour in my room
I came back in shock looking the twin heavenly asleep in my luggage, babies jumping around
I tried calling your name, pull out the whole closet, under my bed and any places that you might hide. But you no show.
Managed to recapture twin and babies. 
Usually u like to play hide and seek, i can always hear your footsteps or sometime when i called your name, u came out and show ur self before running again to hide.
I dont know where have u go, seriously I am still waiting for u, everynight, i put extra slice of apple outside the cage so u might come and eat. 
My friend told me that maybe u managed to sneak out or jump out from my room window, and safely landed and running toward the bushes behind. But i secretly doubted it, how could u survived the jumping? I am on 3rd floor and cats are everywhere😭 
Plus how would u survive alone in the bushes and the small forest? The thought of it made me sick. I am too used waking up greeting u in the morning because u would jump around when i woke up and patiently wait for me to come to the cage and pet u before i feed u. U love to watch me by climbing your cage at looking at me with the "human please pet me please" or " i need ur attention" look. I found it too cute. Now i missing it terribly. I just hope no matter where u are now, i hope u are safe, healthy. Im sorry baby for my carelessness. 


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