last Sunday,on beautiful date,3313
I Am officially engaged to Ahmad Zaki Najmuddin
My one and only AZN

Some may not knows,that me and AZN is having a LDR,long distance relationship,Aussie-Malaysia
It was a really big challenge and problem for us,we tried many things,googled and youtube-ing,about how to manage this kind of relationship.It really does need a very strong trust,compassion, perseverance,and high toleration.It is HARD for me since I am  easy to lose my trust and very high tempered person.I am easily got mad,when I'am tired,sad,mood swing,PMS,annoyed,and AZN became my punching bag.We ALWAYS argued,and fought..very bad..almost every week..and I always want to win..But im lucky to have him,because he can tolerate and handle my emotion very well.
It is weird,to acknowledge him,as my fiancĂ©e to my family and friends at first,but we are getting use to it now.

well AZN was a happy man..He got 13 hantran from me instead of 9 ,courtesy from my relatives..


asliner said…
i'm happy for you syie..=)
azhani aziz said…
wow engaged?congrats,bestnyer.
well hope both of you kekal bahagia till the end.looking forward to read psl ur wedding plak,hehe :)
syahira yusof said…
Hehe..yuppp.segann..ameeen..doakan kitorang..hehe.entry wedding.oihh.lama lagiii.hehe
syahira yusof said…
Zzzz..u didnt came..huhu..sad.
Maicher said…
congrats congrats congrats!!
syahira yusof said…
Hehe...thankx sarahh

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