This is making me angry!!!
My mum was reffered to Selayang since Nilai and Seremban dont have any specialist in my mum off we went to selayang..we registered to the emergency green zone..after 1st screening.the nurse asked us to wait till our number to be called.1127,so we waited almost 3 hours..then i saw 1126,i said to ma.after this will be ur turn..then suddenly first we thought, owh maybe special case kot 1128 ni,then 1129, mum went to the nurse asking her. She said.oh.sorry akak sy lupe letak num akak td..what the eeeeee...3 jam wasted like that u noe that..she said.tgu jap ea..jap lagi num akak naik.da almost 1 xde pun.nombor still naik je dah 1145..hoihh..


asliner said…
vengong nyer nurse tue..
tak tunggu lagi naik lagi 10 nombor lagi ke baru nak naik no mak u..
ceh, kalau kite pun panas kot.
syahira yusof said…
wait till u read my next entry..this story did not stop there u see..i had been waited for 12hours ++ for unreasonable reason and treated like eeee..

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