Unproductive week i shall say
Dont have any class on monday but got test at night.
Tuesday also got only one hour class
Went back to Seremban to feed the monsters
Wednesday..class canceled..so sleep.all.day long.
So thursday full class from morning till afternoon.
Tommorow?no class in the morning,and were considering to skip next session..uhm uhm...
When you were at home,in my case especially..where senawang to upm,just take about 4o- 1hour drive..yet still tiring considering the traffic..u would like to skip all those one hour class, especially..one hour class in really late afternoon..4-5pm..3-4pm..really..drive 1 hour..then 1 hour lecture ..drive back after that..zzzz
But..only for this week.
seems all my lecturer have decided on one thing..
Set the same due date for assignment.

Sunshine through my window
Shine for who you are.. :)


asliner said…
untunglah rumah dekat dengan U...:)
syahira yusof said…
still..kene dok kolej,ehehe

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