So this week.have been a very busy and hectic week for me.As AZN is home just for 2 weeks, we spent a whole day for a week looking and searching for stuff for this upcoming Sunday..I am so nervous.
Today was the most weary day for me..
Had my class since 8 a.m and helped Yana with her car, then spend an hour in front of my lappy doing some work then rushed back to faculty for lab work..while rushing to the lab, i stumbled down and landed half of my left body onto the wet and watery ground!!!
The best part was..the lab assistant that walk by didnt do anything except laughing at me histerically..i felt like crying but somehow i just stood up and run to the lab as fast as i can...i swear that i never ever ever ever took that road again after this....later i found out that my lecturer had given us the "special case" to just attend his tutorial classes and not the lab..waste off time! i went back to hostel..tried to rest.but i cant..too many things need to i went out search for few minor stuff..i have to be home tonight to help my mum..


asliner said…
i wish i can be there..
tapi tak leh. sori syie.. (-__-)

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