okay this is a continuous entry from this-is-making-me-angry.

well the story did not just stopped there
u see
ma had to wait for 2 hour for her number to be called after the nurse realized that she forgotten to
key in my mum number.2 hours u see..2 hours
then she had to do,X-Rays,ECG and blood test..and waited again for the result
bla bla bla
its 5.15pm,and the nurse call her,she went to doctor's room,about 5 minute after,she went out.
She was sent to the observation ward,to meet the heart specialist,so i followed her
we sat in front of the counter,can u imagine,u were sent there to meet the specialist,and series of things happened
1.We had to waited for the specialist from 5.30 till 10.30pm
2.The guard nearly kicked us from the ward,she didn't believed that we were waiting for the doctor,the nurse there also said,bawak jela diorg tgu luar,semak dalam ni..
3.The result is disappointing

1.we have been waiting for him/her,since 5.30 pm..only the doctor on duty came,and asked my mum,but just a small talk,u know,makcik sakit mana,macammana rasa,bila kene?till 10,30 pm..still no one came.
2.the guard is simply rude,she came in at 9.00pm and said,ni kenapa beramai2 dalam ni,siap tanye my mum,u kenapa tgu sini,kat luar xleh tgu,my mum jawab,tgu doktor..the guard went asking the nurse,nurse,mcm mana ni na buat,ramai2 mcm ni,the nurse said,bawak jela diorang keluar,semak dalam ni ramai2..and the guard tye kt doktor,doktor,mcmne ni,doktor tu ckp,i xtau,and berlalu pergi.Then,a chinese lady,that had been standing for hours with her dad's on wheelchair,said ,its not that we wanted to stay here for hours,,it's already late now you see,we had been waiting for the doctor for hours you know..i was sent here from the green zone..not that i walked in here for no reason!..and the guard smirks and she went off.After 5 minute later,she came with a male guar,(mgkn pangkat besar sikit kot),the male guard asked us nicely,berapa org tgu,doktor xdtg lagi yea..itu je..
3.My mum waited until 10.30 p.m,we were so tired,,12 hours there..not knowing what the result were and what shud we do next,..then her doctor from the green zone came by,she saw my mum and asked,akak,kat sini lagi?doktor xdatang lagi ke???..then she went off..after a while..a female doctor came in with the doctor on duty,she asked my mum,akak sakit mana,,saya doctor on duty tonight,(i bet she's a senior doctor since the 1st doctor came and give a report to her what had my mum told her earlier),akak sakit mana,mcm mana kene,bile sakit,,i seriously didnt see she's checking my mum ECG's test,Blood test result nor the x-rays.
then i heard she made a phone call to someone,since we were sitting just in front of the counter,i clearly heard that.." yea,she did not look like sick,i bet she's just having some abdominal pain from doing some heavy work" ..and bla bla bla..she came to us after a while,and said..okay kakak,,i've talked to doktor A she's a rheumotologist,and we decided to treat u with antibiotic untuk jangkitan kuman di paru-paru,akak habiskan ubat ni and we shall meet in another 2 weeks,akak bawak card akak x,sy na set new appointment ..okay nanty sy bagi akak ubat demam sekali la yea..
what an EEE..jangkitan kuman kat paru?rheumotologist?and who is this doctor A?antibiotic?my mum do not have a fever or coughing...how can???we was like....
Ya Allah..istghifar banyak-banyak..
i dont believe my mum had that,u know,if she had seen or looked into my mum blood test,she would have known why my mum was sent to Selayang at the 1st place.We went to 2 different hospital a day before,and also had done blood test there..and all she can conclude is,jangkitan kuman ?Seremban dan Nilai also can give my mum the same result and the same conclusion.but they didnt,because of the blood test...why make us waited for 12 hours,from 10 a.m untill 11 pm??and where is the heart specialist?why suddenly a rheumotologist?and why did the doctor didnt look at all at my mum blood test,the ECG result and x-ray???why must she go twice for the ECG test but no explanation or needed any?i just dont understand.Please consider the time that patient needs to wait,make it worth..and seriously..my mum is sick okay,she needed two shots of painkiller a day before we went to the hospital.

i never had any experience like this from Selayang,the specialist clinic that my mum goes for her routine check up,had a very tip top serviced,the nurse,the doctor,very efficient..but the emergency department..making me disappointed.

Do share if you guys think that its a normal thing to happened or it just another unlucky days for us.I really dont want to banned this hospital or to say bad thing..maybe they need to do some improvement on their management or etc.because if another department esp specialist clinic can give very good service,why cant they..


asliner said…
gila lah. 12 hours waiting for nothing. dengan tak checknye.. through observation boleh cakap ur mum suffer from sekian2..
sedangkan ur mom bukan sakit itu pun..
haish. frankly speaking i tak tau service hospital selayang macam mana. so i can't comment on this.
hope u guys bersabar. n mungkin it was ujian yang u kene faced on THAT DAY only. harapnya begitulah.uch
syahira yusof said…
yea...can u imagine...12 hours babe
waiting is not my liking u noe that..but i had to..

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