"see life in other perspective..so that you can hope that one day you will fix this 'down'.Keep your hope alive.Dont be so down,just forget bout it and always keep your hope alive.CGPA does not tell what is inside your brain.Even failed people can achieve succsess in life,even late Jobs been drawn out from college,but,now people use his 'magic'." DR BIMO ARIO TEJO

The really first thing I love being in his class,is his motivation and enthusiasm in supporting and motivate the students besides teaching us Analytical Chem,he also teach us to be a person..

Once he said."We are so good in doing things we does not love,example like today,who love Analytical Chem (sum of us raise their hands),and he said,seeee,that is what i meant,u dont love this,why you came to my class??..I dont meant to said that you should quit study and do whatever you like,since we are not exposed to such environment..and also,being so good in this have lost your ability to know,what exactly you love and wants in ur life..so be creative and see life in other ways..dont be skeptical..open up your minds and be proud of whatever you are doing..read bibliography book from famous people and successful people.it will motivate u more then u know" DR BIMO ARIO TEJO

He said it like,a friend giving advice,not boring,short,and simple,(my writing je nampak panjang) and also with semangat die semua..his words today somehow mcm directly hit me,since my first test result is far beyond my expectation compare to the way I'm studying...worst..worser than ever in my life..Just I dont have much time to think or to be so down like before cuz I kept my self busy,but somehow it's still distracting me from my study,I always hold my calcultor and start calculate,with this marks that I get, how will i perform in my final,how can i improve my CGPA and etc.Usually before sleep and during class.Like friend said,owh im sad, my marks is low,then i simply replied,no ur not..i always the lowest...the truth..(see,example of being down,so my friend rase bersalah,padahal dont meant it..huhu)..so,his words like make me thinks,I cant keep this up,i need to do something,maybe i dont perform well in exam.but somehow i know i can,just need to push harder,smarter and manage my time better than now.(im not a librarian,im not a fan of study group,i love to do what i love and to be on my own to set my goal to go beyond my expectation like i used to do during school,just somehow i thought,dok lam U and matric,u need to study in matured way (blueh),so i guess not,study if you want,it's the quality not quantity,yeah,i used to believe in that. Before,i just study what ever i want.i still sleep in class,i do skip class,didnt do homework and also have fun..i just didnt care about my result.alhamdullilah,when you dont expect to high,you wont be so down when you fall..(da jatuh ditimpa tangga..motif?),yeah...cuz sometime,people do love to see others to fall from what u are holding on,.jatuh terduduk..so i wont let people do that again to me..


asliner said…
dont be so down..
tak semestinya result yang tak best tue adalah indicator kepada semua result kite yang akan datang..
it just because kite yang selalu don't believe with what we are capable to..
believe in urself..
believe kepada setiap perkara yang berlaku itu ada hikmahnya..
chaiyok syie! =)

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