from langkawi here we go

yeay..bru lik dr trip to langkawi with my family..eventhough i have a very2 bad flu and cough,i tried to have fun while i have the is some of my pic..i took it with my new canon eos 1000d,which i really2,badly wanted..and who noes,i got it at im just adjusting on how to captured better and beautiful pic,..u see,all this pic below were my sisters shot.hehe..
        in awana porto malai.the cruise isnt here by that tyme..wish i cud b there when "she's" there.

      Just checking my resort.The Lanai Beach Resort,the beach just right in front of the beautiful..

 im bored cuz i cant go to play near the beach..reason..To many "ikan duyuyng and dugong albino" terdampar di tepi pantai rady to get tanned

Dealing with this uncle to rent his jet ski for a while before we check out..who noes,rm 150 for only 30 minute..huhu..exspensive..yet only eli n syafna who get to play cuz im too sick to get into the water.

i bought this sandals for rm19.90 ,atlanta,nice, small for me,got wrong size cuz my numbhead keeps saying that 35's were my size,i forgot,that it was 4 years ago..haha.

huhu.watchin the sisters on their move..huhu

my mum..i really think that she looks like the arnold swhacheniger in that sunglasses..dunnoe y.

the wind made me look like im 5 months pregnant..ngee

Eagle Square

My the oriental village

Looks like candy just wanna eat them

real nafsu membuak2 tgok ads die..bile beli..herm..just like regular choc huhu

adik wat sengal

shes got her owns camera..huaa

Surf Up..haha..they do look like doll u see..

time aku shot,die leh tader lak pingu cermin je la korg nmpak

our ride..1 malaysia yer kete

ellie my sista

lau da name yer ke pantai batak sikit na men tulis2 name ni..hehe

big applause to all..

hahaha..muke kegayatan..too high and misty

everyone stand near the holder since everyone were to afraid to look down..


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