life it is

arini..kebenaran terungkai
benar kata org,the knowing the truth can hurt ur self ,more than expected
its wat happened to me
after a year,dealing with the truth behind
wat happened act during that day
my mum just gave up..
cuz..the final report just stated that ,
 .he terbabas .
lori kemudian langgar die..
its hurt..
i wish dat the driver tak lari like he least,dun left my dad alone there,even u edi know hes gone
but u did,that what u did,ur fault..i cant forgive u for that.

this is wat i felt all day long,hiding my self not to cry in front of her
i look at his pic again and again.that sumhow,i know,if he were still here,he wud hated me for sayinglike tat
he always said,no matter how hard ,how hurt,how mad u r at sumone,sumtin,dun ever,hated them for such reason
learn how to forgive and forget..
 hatred that u create,obviusly not good for ur life
itu yang selalu aku pegang dalam hidup ini
lau apa pun yg aku wat,even if aku bnci org tu,it wont bring him back..
aku cume harap..aku dapat lupekan hal ini segera.
we have been thru a lot..


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