my upcoming plan..hehe

24 december
  1. its friday..bday aiman,20,epi bday aiman..
  2. ari im planning to visit my dad grave,cuz on 26 aku ta pat g..  

25 december
  1. Hepi xmas peeps..spesel to joanne and ruthie
  2. zrb..goin to spend my day there with my sis..first tymer meh..
  3. myrah and boyfie..goin to met her there.wahaha..soe dearest..ngee (- ^ )
  4. tasya.. cumin to my house,insyaAllah lau tiada apa menghalang..
  5. meet mamat..  erm..not so i think..die kene kawad..sape soh lggar curfew..wahaha

26 december
  1. im 2o and na masuk 21,aku bwu 20..still im oldies..hehe
  2. bufday big bang..weeeheee...
  3. makan2..with my famili + tasya after send syena to her 1st driving lesson..woot..
  4. hometown here we go...goin back to lipis..  sumtin tat i hide from my cliques there..shh it will be our little secret..they dun blog,i trust u..haha 

27 december
  1. semsel..owh yeay,syiero datang,herm miss it so muchies..
  2. cliques..sumtin that i wanna suprised yall..beware..haha
  3. afternoon..with tasya,kite berposing abeh2 kayh..

28 december
  1. home..sweet home..bubye lipis
  2. movies..insyaAllah,with tasya..=)

hahaha..banyak kan plan ye,hope plan2 ni menjadi..amin..bufday wish??
  • celebrating it famili,frenzs,and sum quality time with me self..
  • kill me to find this book before,da check dah kat mph,da smpai,so anybody??haha
  • hadiah? need kot,usualy i buy myself sumtin spesel for my bfday..tis year,takkot,duit da abeh..haha.       


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