TQ Dr Tan Kar Ban

Im trying really hard to push myself,especially in studies especially when u got a lecturer that keep pushing you to the limit,,Yeah,,I am talking bout u inorganic chemistry..owh i totally "in love" with you,haha,seriously,,my lecturer successfully making me not sleeping in his class this morning,wana noe y,,cuz he kept on asking question that  does not related to the topic but he made us recall what we've learn in Physics and also in our previous chemistry subject like organic chem,analysis chem,inorganic and physic chem..owh and he also mentioned that he will put anything that he "thinks" we noe in his test..so we all have to be soooo aware..and die sangat2 laju cakap,aku pun cakap laju,but,he..beyond my laju,sampai kan,by the time kiotrang na faham ape yang die cakap,die da start asking question,haha..and yes,,he had to,,repeat his question again and again..hehe..tapi the best thing is,die sgt2 full with facts,knowledge,so it makes his lectures,fun in some ways despite the kelambatan kami the student na faham die,sumtime when he made jokes,kitorang still diam cuz still catching up what was he said ??then,dalam 30 sec or smpai die kate,Am I making a stupid statement now cuz I believe that I just crack a joke just now...then baru la kitorang ketawa (cuz of his statement bukan sbb jokes die)..I wish I have his brain..especially for the test tommorow..So I wana say..,TQ Dr Tan,


nuruladilasaidi said…
DR TAN tuh PA dila :) hehe *actually tak perlu bgtau pun tp nak bgtau jgk :)
syahira yusof said…
haha...seyes,,jgn gtau lak die sal bende ni,segn akak..hahaha

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