Gossip Girl...

Serene Van der Woodsen..Blair Warldroff...Dan Humphrey..Chuck bass..Nate Archibald...ooowwwhhh..citer ni wat my teens life meaningful..cewahh..hehe..tak la...just..dari first time citer ni kuar kat tv aku dah macam fall in love with watak2 and the story it self..mcm2 konflik..most of all..love and friendship..if peeps love Serena..bcuz ape yg aku tgok,style die like more serene.and kinda naive in her own way..hehe..while Blair..she changed a lot dr Gossip Girl awal2 kuar..cuter..and in this new season,,I find her,more elegant,,owh,,Friendship dalam citer ni like WOW lah,hehe,,gado2.pastu baek...ta suke each other pun but sum how diorg leh manage to be together to help kwan2 diorg,,mmg syok giler la,,hehe..and yeah..I adore giler her relationship with Chuck,,,both are madly in love..Chuck wud do anything for her,dr first season,playboy and selalu cari pasal ngn Blair,,till diorg fall in love and living their life completing each others till la season yang lepas,jenny appeared,,arghh,,kaco tol,,hehe,,but season ni,mase tgok Blair kejar lik chuck,sgup tgl kan Prince Charming yg die jumpe kat Paris,just only to stop Chuck from literally dissappear (he planning to run away with new identity to India,no more Chuck Bass),and bile die dapat tau Chuck act gona proposed her,and almost died in defending himself and the ring,owh,,seyes mase tu,aku yang rase terharu,and how Chuck felt bad,and regretted with ape yang die dah wat,espesialy mase die kate,I have destroy the only one thing that I love..owh,,,sweet giler la..haih..citer ni,kan bagus if die tayang setiap hari,tader la wat aku rase na giler tggu die every week,hehe..
 p/s:just cant wait to watch season 5..lagi best !!!


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