She need it the most.

From last sem,I've been thinking to bring my own transport to UPM,sick of taking the bus,not that the transportation provided there are bad,it's nice,full air condition,new buses,but,the problem that students will face was,it's always late and we have to 'BERUGBY' in order nak naek bas tu,especially us in Serumpun,where,in Serumpun College je da ader 4 colleges + 1 international college,and adding up,the bus also will taking passenger from the 13th college,can u imagine how pack it can be in that bus?sumtime,during peak hour,u had!! had to make double line in the bus,3 people per regular seat (seats diorg kan pair seat,leh 2 org duduk,tp for us,sumtime 3/4),imagine,the normal rate of student per bus was oni 44 passenger,but,sometime I used to think,bas kat UPM,can hold twice the number.!!,imagine sendiri,double line,3 person per seats,and all the free spaces will be used by student,tangga,tepi drver,even kat depan windscreen pon,kitorg salu panggil bas sardine,becuz sumtime,dr bus stop,u can see muke student terpenyek kat depan windscreen and pintu bas,honestly!!,lewat satu hal,seyes ,kadang,kene tgu at least 30 minute,sedangkan,bile smpi kat kolej,u will see row of buses yang ta gerak2,,so with the yuran yang kitorg have to paid,sumtime rase,mcm ta berbaloi,but what to do,it's the only way for us na g class,except if u have ur own transport lah kan..cuz if na jalan kaki dr kolej serumpun ke main campus,leh perah baju kau dlm baldi,,but,the main prob is,na bawak keta to UPM,really hard,because sumtime,na dapatkan sticker dr keselamatan UPM (ini sticker tok around kampus),was really hard..then na crik parking agy,but,the worst thing is,when u wana applied college sticker,frankly said,if u are not a MTM,MPP,or their Ex's or really2 active (I means super aktif which ur merit would me 200 ++ per sem),then insyaAllah,u will not get the sticker,plus ,rate per college,limited oni 25 - 30 students,if yg tader kolej yer stiker,kene pandai2 cri ur dream lah if  na bawak keta (motor senang sikit),na parking mmg really painful lah,if silap park,kene clamp tayar,then me and my fren was thinking,na bawak je kete,and apply UPM yer stiker oni, but there are alternative ways,which is,copying the college sticker,but the risk,was high,if u been caught,then,either kene saman,or dibawa ke HEP (as I heard from seniors),tp in the end,yuran bas still kene bayar,so is it worth it??I was thinking to bring my own car,since,my schedule next sems,which,InsyaAllah,my class,will be start from 8 am straight to 10 pm,with oni 2 hours gap.

But,since Adik da study kat cyberjaya,I thought,she will be needing the car the most,since,jarak kolej ngn hostel,and of course,food sources,last Saturday,we went to her hostel,Ya Allah,luckily we bring her some food for berbuka,tapi nasi was oni cukup for her,lauk banyak la,..Y i said luckily?becuz,the cafe didn't provide the students  makanan during weekends..can  imagine that??mase tu I was like,what?so what u guys will be eating during berbuka nanti?..Some says,megi je la kak,..I did ask them whether they want us to drive them to the KFC ,diorg kate its okay la ramai kak (yela,itu baru unit uma adik aku,22 org,unit org lain???like 200+ students len mcm ner??maybe dirg rase not fair kot),then aku tye,dah tu,sahur?buka tok esok?how,,diorg senyap je,takkan ko na makan megi for 2 whole day?lembik da di tanya byk2 kali semua,and the girls still tana juga,so adik aku conclud,diorg lom ader enough money na spend kat KFC (who noes the price pun cud be high kat sane kan and elaun diorg pun lom masuk agy,) aku pikir,maybe die need the car more than me,at least weekend2 leh die beli makanan,or kuar for food hunting ke ape ke..kan???..agypun,like I said,if aku bawa kete,still yuran bas aku kene bayar,,bazir la if ta nek rite?its not cheap thou..huhu..maybe aku leh tumpang Shu,car pooling with her during the busiest days which is Monday and Tuesday..I'll figure..the bus still available...teruk mane pun,thats the was best that they can provide for,..ta perlu kata apa2=)


asliner said…
bekorban apa sahaja..
baiknya kakak syafna nie..=)
she's lucky!

may Allah bless you..

syahira yusof said…
hehe..tengs lina..May Allah swt bless you too..u the best friend ever=)

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