Origa Ольга - I am Taken Away Отрываюсь

this song!.phew..im huge fan of Fantastic Children,but,it was long tyme ago,barely remembered it,but I still remember the OST,Mizu no Madoromi,since I kept it as my mum message tones..but Origa,The singer,really just awesome..If you were huge fan of Japanese anime like me,you will hear her voice through the OST,like in Final fantasy and many more...it made me searching all nite for this cartoon series...here is just sumtin i found while I was trying to translate the lyric..I tried to translate the lyric,but seems like Mr Google cant do his job well tonite,hehe,,just few words were translated..Is there anyone knows Slovenian's??help me translate the lyric please...

Long ago, a distant star light rapid fire lit rebel soul in me And since then wander through the world for a rainbow after, for the gold in the spring and gentle winds give me love, beckoning for a dawn As the world rises As the star leads the ships as the soul from the body off I tear myself from the ground I sought in the vast steppes of who I like and Peace in the crazy dreams lost Burning star that illuminates the road as it dragochenny talism, and believes that sometime in the distant lands he will meet me as the dawn rises over the world Like a star As the ships is the soul ... Tear myself ... Since then wander through the world for a rainbow after, a distant dream and I know that somewhere in a fairy dream, I'll meet with you as the dawn rises over the world As the star leads the ships as the soul from the body I tear myself off the ground.

Now,I cant sleep,,counting in my head lists of my favorite anime I used to watch during my teens day..hehe..
and listed below,hehe..

  1. Tsubasa Chronicle Of  The wings.(ni sweet)
  2. Fantastic Children
  3. Final Fantasy
  4. Mestila Naruto..hehe
  5. Black Cat (ke black jack,see ,long tyme edi,,no remember.hee)
  6. Bleach
  7. Paradise kiss
  8. Ghost in the Shell...
  9. vampire hunter
  10. blood+
  11. Fate/stay night
  12. ader satu ni,aku ta dapat recall laaaa.huhuhuh..kelakar cite tu
and the numbers are counting,seyes,,thats y la ma aku potong Animax dr Astro,,wuhuhuhuhuhu
so parents,,sila potong Animax dr Astro anda,supaya tidak mendapat anak yg addicted ngn ANIME..hahaha...seyes aku na tgok citer2 ni semula,huhuhu


Wan Sarifudin said…
tsubasa chronicle of the wing??? bukan tsubasa reservoir chronicle ke??
muyazara said…
owh..aah,reservoir chronicle,,tu tajuk for english title ta silap,,syie bukak web,tulis lau tuk jpan,yang chronicle of the wings

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